Addressing obesity at the G7: Call for concrete actionLETTER TO THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE G7 COUNTRIES

We have recently dispatched a letter to the Representatives of the G7 Countries in anticipation of the forthcoming summit in Italy. Our aim is to advocate for the prioritization and implementation of specific measures to combat the pervasive challenges of obesity, overweight, and eating disorders. This initiative is born out of a pressing need to recalibrate prevailing public health policies, which have demonstrated limited efficacy in addressing the profound complexities of malnutrition due to excess.

Our objective is to present a comprehensive list of potential strategies to the Representatives of the G7 Countries ahead of the upcoming meeting of the Ministers of Health scheduled for October.

You may download the full letter here or read a brief summary below:

Obesity is now unequivocally acknowledged as a neglected syndemic, exerting profound and multifaceted impacts on public health, societal dynamics, national healthcare systems, productivity, and the global economic landscape. On a global scale, more than one billion individuals suffer from obesity, including 159 million children and adolescents. Within Europe, 59% of adults and nearly one-third of children are overweight or obese.

Projections by the World Obesity Federation paint a concerning picture for the future, with expectations that by 2035, over half of the world’s population will contend with issues of excess weight. Such trends are particularly pronounced in low- and middle-income countries across Asia and Africa.

The rise in obesity is not solely due to excessive caloric intake but is instead driven by a complex interplay of factors, including lifestyle choices, stress levels, sleep patterns, socioeconomic disparities, and genetic predispositions. Thus, addressing this multifaceted challenge necessitates a paradigm shift in policy orientation, towards tailored, interdisciplinary strategies. Utilising advances technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and personalised medicine, is essential to craft nuanced and effective solutions.

Elevating the discourse on obesity to the forefront of the G7 agenda assumes paramount significance, given its far-reaching implications for global health, economic stability, and environmental sustainability.


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