FoP nutrition labelling in Spain and EU: which path to follow?MADRID, JUNE 2nd

FoP nutrition labelling in Spain and EU

Which path to follow? 


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The agriculture and food industry plays a crucial role in the Spanish economy, contributing significantly to the GDP and representing a cultural treasure. Spanish cuisine is renowned for its diverse and delicious flavors, rooted in locally grown ingredients. It is important to consider the potential impact of the upcoming Front-of-Pack Labelling reform on this vital sector.

Several proposals being considered by the European Commission, such as the Nutriscore system, have raised concerns about their potential negative impact on both consumers and businesses. These reforms could potentially limit choice, undermine competitiveness, and threaten the rich culinary traditions that contribute to the vibrancy of European culture. Furthermore, there are questions about the effectiveness of these outdated proposals in improving public health.

On June 2nd in Madrid we brought together distinguished speakers to explore more innovative and effective alternatives to front-of-pack labelling. By leveraging technology and the latest research in nutrition and genetics, we aim to provide consumers with accurate and responsible information. It is crucial to empower individuals to make informed choices about their diet, taking into account their unique lifestyles and preferences.

The Front of Package labelling reform proposed by the European Commission has significant implications for the Spanish economy, culture, and individual empowerment. Together, let’s delve into forward-thinking solutions that embrace technology, scientific research, and consumer-centric approaches to foster informed decision-making and preserve the rich culinary heritage that defines Spanish cuisine.
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Pills from the event 

Pietro Paganini

Horacio Gonzalez-Aleman

Giuseppe Aloisio 

Enrique García-Tenorio 

Milagros Marcos 

Ascensión Marcos 


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