International Property Rights Index


Property rights are a foundation of contemporary Liberal Democracies, which has evolved from Feudalism. There is a distinctive link between all the innovations of the last two centuries and the global increase in property rights.

Factors such as income inequality, the prevalence of transnational corporations in the global economy, and the cost of living crisis, property rights have never been more important. The wide range of political systems seen globally has made property rights very different from place to place. In many parts of the world personal property rights require reform and repair. The right to property is essential in almost any democracy, and therefore, we must examine and strengthen support for property rights globally.

The Property Rights Alliance is an advocacy organisation dedicated to protecting innovation, intellectual property rights, and physical property rights worldwide. Each year, it produces the International Property Rights Index (IPRI). Since 2007, Competere has been a part of the PRA, along with 127 other think tanks across 74 countries, and contributes to publishing the Index. The IPRI uses three factors to rank countries based on property rights: intellectual property rights, physical property rights, and each country’s legal and political environment. It is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand report designed to inform business leaders, investors, government policymakers, and ordinary citizens.

The IPRI can be fully consulted on the Property Rights Alliance website

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