Mumbai: the 2nd Sustainable Vegetable Oils ConferenceMUMBAI, 27 SEPTEMBER 2023


Mumbai: the 2nd Sustainable Vegetable Oils Conference


Mumbai, 27 September 2023

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We are delighted to announce that, once again, Competere is co-organising the Sustainable Vegetable Oils Conference, scheduled to be held in Mumbai, India, on September 27th, aligning with the G20 meetings and back-to-back with the Globoil India 2023. This conference serves as a pivotal gathering for prominent stakeholders in the vegetable oil industry, aimed at bolstering cooperation on vital issues such as sustainability, food and energy security, renewable energy, resilience, inclusive food value chains, and the circular economy.
Vegetable oils, the fastest-growing food commodity, are facing an ongoing challenge in keeping up with the ever-increasing demand that consistently outstrips supply. The challenges posed by the pandemic, the Ukraine conflict, climate change, and sustainability concerns have become significant hurdles for vegetable oil producers, with long-term stress exacerbating vulnerabilities to unforeseen disruptions.
To address these pressing challenges, swift and resolute action is imperative from countries that produce vegetable oils. The primary objective of this conference is to facilitate discussions on the global challenges within the vegetable oil supply chain, and to inform stakeholders with the latest updates and visionary strategies in ensuring food and energy security, tackling sustainability issues, and effectively mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change.
Vegetable oils play a fundamental role in supporting humanity’s needs, both for consumption and various applications. In response to the ongoing crisis, it is paramount to strengthen the groundwork for future communication and cooperation among global stakeholders. This will foster a robust alliance driven by shared interests within the sector.
International globally acclaimed speakers discussed 3 main topics:
  • Overview of Global Vegetable Oils 
  • Positioning Sustainable Vegetable Oils in the Global Market 
  • Building Resilience to Navigate Uncertainties 


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