Saturated fats: debunking the mythLIVE ROUNDTABLE

Saturated fats: debunking the myth 


On March 22nd, Competere hosted a smart brevity roundtable to provide the audience with a different perspective on saturated fats, which are often disparaged and accused of causing various diseases. However, fats – and saturated fats – are essential in a balanced diet. During the roundtable, an international panel debunked the negative myths about saturated fats, explaining the positive characteristics they have, where they can be found, and how they are best produced sustainably.


Prof. Francesco Visioli, University of Padova

Dr. Kalyana Sundram, Consultant, CPOPC


Pietro Paganini, President,




Pills from the event

Francesco Visioli, University of Padua 

Kalyana Sundram, Consultant, CPOPC

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Francesco Visioli is professor in Human Nutrition at the Departement of Molecular Medicine, University of Padova. Up until 2014 he was Chief Scientist at Imdea (Instituto Madrileño de Estudios Avanzados). From 1996 to 2010 he was professor of Physiopathology at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris).

Kalyana Sundram, since 1981, has 40 years experiences in oils and fats, particularly palm oil, from institutional and industry related professional activities.  He has trained a number of PhD and postgraduate candidates at various international universities, served on international expert consultations and committees. He publishes extensively, recorded with more than 70 peer reviewed outputs, in excess of 600 international conference presentations and holds 21 patents. He has coordinated more than 170 research and consumer promotion projects on palm oil, primarily on nutrition and health, food technology, sustainability and wildlife conservation. Currently he is an independent expert consultant and advocates solutions to address technical, processing and marketing issues in all oils and fats.

Pietro Paganini is the President and co-founder of Competere – Policies for Sustainable Development – and General Director at Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, the research center that promotes the study of Liberalism and Liberal thought. He serves as Adjunct Professor at John Cabot University and Temple University of Philadelphia and as Researcher and Visiting Lecturer at Karlstad University (Sweden). He served as Vice President and political officer for the European Liberal Youth. He is the Founder and Board Member of Istituto Italiano per la Privacy (IIP) and the European Privacy Association (EPA).

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Pietro Paganini
Presidente, Competere

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