Business sustainability report

Linking environmental sustainability with agriculture means coming into direct contact with Nature. It is a commitment that, for us at Competere, aims to balance human needs with biodiversity protection.

Traditional agriculture is finding new opportunities to innovate, thanks to digital transformation and automation, which allow for improved production and organizational processes. These advances in productivity and quality enable the agricultural industry to be more sustainable, reducing precisely the impact on the environment and protecting biodiversity.

Thanks to the use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence, the tobacco industry is undergoing a radical transformation, resulting in the application of new agricultural practices aimed at ensuring greater sustainability and productivity.

Efficiency in production processes, innovation, and sustainability are all measurable factors. Competere helps both small and large businesses undertake innovative and sustainable projects until the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations have been reached. This is what we have demonstrated and measured in BAT’s latest Sustainability Report, with whom we have collaborated for years in order to transform the tobacco industry, contributing to increased productivity, quality, climate resilience, and sustainability within the sector.

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