Anticipating, Understanding, Solving

Through scenario, risk, and data analysis we identify the global challenges ahead.

We produce reports and position papers to explain and solve issues through wise policies, regulations, and smart strategies.

Smart Brevity

Today’s audiences don’t have much time under an overload of informationThis is why we are concise and effective.

Our analyses are in-depth and detailed but we work hard to make them easily and quickly accessible to all.


We must be heard. Wise content is wasted if not targeted to the right audience.

We make sure our messages are tailored and delivered to the people who can make change possible.
We advocate for the policies we believe in by reaching the target audience from below, urging public opinion and decision-makers to increase consensus on specific actions.

We build partnership with organisations and individuals that share our objectives on specific issues.

Educate, Discuss, Enhance the Debate

Change cannot be imposed top-down. It grows within society, in an extended journey in which knowledge is shared and enhanced. We contribute to producing knowledge, we make it available, and we share it in a range of formats to engage the largest audience possible.

We organise discussion roundtablesseminars, open discussions, and one-to-one meetings in which knowledge is fostered and shared to allow change.