• Scenario analysis. Anticipating and understanding economic, political global, and local events to develop the best strategies.
  • Risk analysis. Preventing potential risks deriving from the continuous evolution of political and economic scenarios.
  • Data Analysis. Collecting and interpreting large amounts of data to predict economic and social phenomena, and the reference market, preparing the most strategically effective responses.
  • Carrying out studies, researches and papers. Understanding and quantifying social transformations and technological progress by identifying the most effective strategies and policies.


  • Developing the most effective strategy to compete in the political and economic market.
  • Media relations and Press Office. In collaboration with the best national and international press offices.
  • Social media. Promoting bottom-up social campaigns.
  • CSR. Organizing initiatives with high ethical and sustainability standards.


  • Advocacy from the bottom. Reaching the target audience from below, urging public opinion and decision-makers to increase consensus on specific topics.
  • Coalition building. Building strategic coalitions to achieve partner goals.


  • We produce educational formats, as a result of our analysis and research activities, communication and advocacy work. Our network of teachers, experts and professionals offers the most up-to-date knowledge, skills and techniques to train our partners.
  • We are not only interested in transferring knowledge, but we are interested that our stakeholders will learn to recognize and solve complex problems, and above all, they motivated and aligned with the strategy of their organization.