We are the friend everyone would like to be able to rely on. 

We help you understand what is going on. 

We prompt you to think before making wrong choices. 

We encourage you to broaden your perspective and to think critically. 

We give you a hand in engaging and convincing the people you are in contact with so that they become friends and allies. 

Who we are

We are a policy institute that performs analysis and advocacy to foster global trade, innovation, and resilient and sustainable supply chains, to promote sustainable nutrition, and to empower individuals in their effort to thrive in liberty, in prosperity, and in harmony with the ecosystem.

We work together with international institutions and governments, companies and sector associations on projects involving free trade, supply of raw materials, supply chain resilience and sustainability, the fight against malnutrition and food waste, research and education, and digitalization of production processes.

What we believe in

We promote free initiative and free trade because, given the lessons of history, we are convinced that they improve the economic and social conditions of citizens, promote social harmony among different groups of individuals and broaden freedom.

We work to make human activity sustainable, so that it is in equilibrium with the ecosystem and guarantees that everyone starts with the same opportunities.

Public policies must stimulate investment in social and technological innovation, provide incentive to entrepreneurship and commerce, and must create the conditions for economic and social growth and stability.

Human beings must cultivate their curiosity, creativity and initiative to solve complex problems with original solutions that should never be considered definitive.

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What we do

We work together with international governments, businesses and organisations so that their strategic choices are far-sighted and they implement effective policies through experimental analysis of problems and involvement of the reference communities.

  • We strive to understand what is happening using data analysis and intelligence.
  • We prepare analysis and studies that offer policy solutions and governmental and corporate strategies.
  • We organise training programmes and encounters to share knowledge and best practices.
  • We promote the results of our analysis so that they can change the world.

Who we are

We are a community of curious, creative and entrepreneurial analysts, researchers, and professionals.

We share the common goal of designing a more prosperous future by supporting critical thinking, in an age of prejudices, biases and recurring ideologies.

We are a place where citizens come together to think, brainstorm, discuss, research and advocate for a smarter, more resilient and sustainable world. Our doors are open to every individual and group that wants to bring fresh ideas and perspectives.

Our method

We take on global challenges through the use of the scientific method to develop solutions that are always new and better to promote change and enhance individual freedom. For this reason, we reject any approach that is ideological or conformist in nature, in favour of directions that are creative and innovative.

In our activity, we engage in a constant process of critical thinking to avoid any binary thinking, bias, polarisation or ideological or group-centred constraints, in order to produce new knowledge and understanding to share with the entire planet.