Sustainable Nutrition

The fast-growing world population (currently 7.6 billion – projected to be 10 billion by 2050) deserves a healthy, safe diet capable of providing the proper and most effective nutrients, as recommended by the FAO.

We are starting to see more and more promising and innovative food technologies emerge, all with very limited impact on the environment and biodiversity. However, their implementation is still largely in the future. Most of the world’s population continues to rely on existing nutrients that require intensive land use and farming of natural resources, including the employment of animal and human labor. Furthermore, while humanity in many parts of the world has been able to prosper and effectively reduce poverty, its impact on the environment has been detrimental, as the pace of climate change demonstrates.

Human beings must work together to discover, develop and implement policies that foster the production of innovative, safe and secure nutrients through sustainable supply chains, in order to meet as many SDGs as possible.


Sustainable Nutrition is a food system that aims to ensure accessible, affordable and culturally relevant foods that are wholesome and nutrient-dense, while preserving biodiversity and supporting individual rights and prosperity.

A group of experts with the mission to promote sustainable food supply chains and to shape policies through evidence-based debate and a multi-stakeholder approach.

We hammer out policies that favor sustainably grown nutrients. We engage Governments, global supply chain players, non-governmental organizations,consumer groups and civil society to innovate food systems, increment productivity, reduce waste, improve working conditions, and support cohesion and education at the local community level.

Through developments in science, innovation and technology, humanity can prosper and enjoy better living conditions, producing healthier, more secure, and sustainably grown food for all.

We reject any ideological approach that seeks a definitive solution to global challenges. We trust in policies and solutions that are rooted in scientific approaches and in the experimental method.

We are firm in our belief that the 7.6 billion people and the trillions of other living beings on our planet ought to coexist in respect of each other’s rights and freedom.

We rely on science to shape wise policy-making and solutions, while avoiding any irrational pathos that deceives citizens and betrays the attempt to protect biodiversity.

We work to promote policies that:

  • Guarantee the quality, quantity and safety of healthy food and drinkable water;
  • Complement efforts to reduce hunger, thirst, infant mortality and malnutrition as well as those aimed at improving workers’ rights and universal access to education;
    Combat the nutrition-related diseases of our time: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and infectious epidemics;
  • Overhaul the entire food supply chain to improve the nutritional values of foodstuffs as well as their conservation and distribution;
  • Promote nutritional literacy, educating citizens to make conscious but autonomous food choices based on adequate information about correct nutrition;
  • Increase awareness of food traditions as cultural, religious and ethnic legacies;
  • Preserve biodiversity, as an essential key to the availability of fundamental agricultural resources;
  • Encourage the development of new control and innovation systems, including biotechnologies, to guarantee the continued availability of agricultural and food resources;
  • Ensure the availability of new food sources where agriculture is not developed or is threatened by desertification, droughts, famines and the depletion of waterways.

In order to achieve these goals, we engage Government and policymakers, food producers and distributors, NGOs, and nutrition and sustainability advocates to improve the quality of food, protect biodiversity and enhance human economic and social conditions.

  • We design and advocate policies aimed at supporting sustainable nutrition.
  • We elaborate studies and support research to identify progress in science, innovation and technology that can work toward producing healthier and more sustainable nutrients.
  • We educate and spread ideas around sustainable nutrition.
  • We advocate for those nutrients that help to reduce hunger, create jobs, enhance economic and social conditions by reducing inequalities, and we work to protect biodiversity and the environment.

We organize round table discussions
Publish papers and studies
Run advocacy campaigns
Engage all stakeholders

Who is WE?

We are a small but energetic group of individuals who advocate for food sustainability through wise policy-making. We have expertise in nutrition, healthcare, biology and biotechnology, physics, economics, sustainability management, and policy-making. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to broaden our perspectives and elaborate more consistent and science-based solutions to contemporary challenges.

Scientific Board

EZIO BUSSOLETTI, Space Policy Expert and Institutional Advisor
ANDREA GHISELLI, Professor and Scientific Director of the Master in Food Science and Dietetics at Unitelma Sapienza
ALEXIA MASSACAND, Founder and Director of Mountainow
ANDREA POLI, Professor at the University of Brescia
MONICA TOMMASI, President of Friends of the Earth/Amici della Terra Italy

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