Competere and PRA launch the International Property Rights Index 2021THE INDEX ON PROPERTY RIGHTS PROTECTION BY THE PROPERTY RIGHTS ALLIANCE

International Property Rights Index 2021

The International Property Rights Index study measures how private property is protected in 129 countries, representing 98% of global GDP and 94% of global population. The index is produced by the Property Rights Alliance, an international coalition of 123 research institutes spread over 73 countries, among which is Competere.


Competere, in partnership with the Property Rights Alliance, an international research and advocacy organization dedicated to protecting and promoting innovation is proud to release the 15th edition of the International Property Rights Index (IPRI) on November 30th. The Index is the only global, comparative index that ranks the strength of property rights, both physical and intellectual, as well as the legal and political environments that contain them.

Key findings

The average score of the sample of 129 countries in the 2021 IPRI is 5.60 (Max. 8.15; Min. 2.65). 85% of the population considered lives in 86 countries with an IPRI between 2.6 and 6.1. More than half of the sample population (52.3%) lives in 30 countries with a middle score of this index, [5.3 – 6.1]. 

The three countries that achieved the highest property rights protections are Switzerland, Singapore, and New Zealand according to the 2021 Index, while the bottom three spots are taken by Yemen, Venezuela and Haiti.

Overall, the average score of the IPRI, including all its components continued on their downward trend for the third year in a row, decreasing by 2.2%. Unfortunately, this shows that instead of embracing property rights in the face of unprecedented crisis, these rights were attacked as seen in government overreach shutting down private businesses and the relaxation of patents.

The complete dataset with country profiles and a country comparison tool can be found at the link below:


 The authors

The Property Rights Alliance is an association that promotes property rights across the world. International Property Rights Index is a yearly comparative study that aims to quantify the strength of property rights – both physical and intellectual – and to rank countries accordingly. Competere is a member of the PRA and is proud to present this year’s findings, for the first time in Italy.

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