Pietro Paganini

Pietro PaganiniCuriosity Officer

Helping people understanding global complexity and finding pragmatic solutions to enhance Liberties and boost prosperity through sustainable change. 

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Areas of expertise
  • Competere
  • Adjunct at Temple University of Philadelphia – Fox School of Business
  • Adjunct at John Cabot Unviersity – Business School
  • Tv and media contributor
  • Founder at Privacy Institute
  • Dissemination & Advocacy
  • Geopolitics, Economics, Business
  • Innovation & Sustainability
  • Individual liberties and Liberalism

Pietro Paganini is an economic and (geo)political analyst and disseminator.
Through his research work he contributes to structured analyses of governments and business, analyses that are focused on understanding, managing and solving complex situations through content that is timely and pragmatic with compelling messages.

He believes in the scientific method and actively promote the Liberal viewpoint and critical thinking. His approach to problems is multi-disciplinary to take them on from a broad perspective and thus develop real solutions free of any preconceived schema and which are based on principles of functionality and common sense. He is a Montessorian. He is a free-thinker that cannot be relegated to a category, community or group of any kind.

Pietro serves as Adjunct Professor in Business Administration at Fox School of Business – Temple University of Philadelphia (2015), and as Adjunct Professor in Business Administration at John Cabot University, Rome (2008). He served as Visiting Professor for the MPOB-UKM Endowment Chair, The National University of Malaysia (UKM) (2021).

He served as General Director of Fondazione Luigi Einaudi. He is the founder of the Italian Institute for Privacy – Istituto Italiano per la Privacy e la Valorizzazione dei Dati – where he seats in the Board.

Pietro has previously held a Researcher and Visiting Lectureship at Karlstad University (Sweden) and served as Researcher at LUMSA University in Rome.

He holds a Doctorate in Communication and Complex Organizations, a Masters in Multimedia and digital arts, and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Communication.

He is a regular contributor to the Italian national newspapers and international publications and media, in which he has continuously advocated for an open society and innovation policies. He is regularly hosted in TV and radio programs on main Italian and international broadcasters.