Statistics – What can we really learn from the Corona graphs?Thursday, May 7th H. 5:30 PM - WEBINAR WITH Duane Schulthess, Laura Campos, Daniel Kaddik and Pietro Paganini

Statistics – What can we really learn from the Corona graphs?

On Thursday, May 7th, the Free Market Road Show hosted the 7th webinar together with Competere in Rome discussing about statistics during Coronavirus emergency. What can we trust and what should we ignore? The flurry of figures, graphs and projections surrounding the pandemic is confusing. Three experts guide us through the maze. 



  • Duane Schulthess, Managing Director of Vital Transformation
  • Laura Campos, data scientist specialized in business analytics
  • Daniel Kaddik, European Liberal Forum, Brussels.

Moderator: Pietro Paganini, Competere, Fox School of Business, Temple University of Philadelphia.


Watch the webinar here:

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