‘Palm oil free’ labels a hindrance to sustainable development – The Jakarta Post

L’analisi del nostro Presidente, Pietro Paganini, sul Jakarta Post di Giovedì 15 Novembre 2018. Le ‘etichette senza’ minacciano lo sviluppo sostenibile. Qui riportati alcuni estratti dell’articolo:

“Get ready, because the war against palm oil will not end as long as palm oil continues to be more competitive, better-quality and above all more sustainable than other vegetable oils, especially European vegetable oils…

Pope Francis maintains in his Encyclical, sustainable development requires striking a delicate balance between humanity and nature. Boycotting palm oil does nothing to strengthen this balance, and indeed complicates the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)…Palm oil has one of the most sustainable production and supply chains, which complies with very stringent sustainability and food security standards…

But it is precisely the characteristics above that give us the answer to our question. Why is it boycotted in Europe? Because it’s more competitive than sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and any other alternative energy resource….

More worrying still than the NGOs are the companies in the food sector replacing this ingredient with less sustainable alternatives. They have presented this turnaround as a positive change, but in fact all it is a marketing ploy to exploit the emotional reaction of consumers, fomenting it with false media campaigns, devoid of any scientific foundation…

It’s time Europe adopted a responsible attitude and went down the road of true sustainability, as the countries that produce palm oil are doing. Right now we can only learn from them.”

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