Terraventura: Competere attends the Innovation Day on digital farmingNOVEMBER 10 - INNOVATION DAY

Leggi in italiano 

Competere attended H-Farm’s Innovation Day to evaluate and award three of eleven projects in the agri-tech sector submitted by innovative startups. 

The Open Innovation competition is part of Terraventura, a project promoted by British American Tobacco (BAT). The aim is to  accelerate the digitalization process of the tobacco supply chain toward greater efficiency, resilience and sustainability.

H-Farm Innovation, whose futuristic headquarters are located near Venice, Italtab and Deltafina also participated in the project.

Terraventura enhances talent and ideas and promotes a more sustainable agriculture that makes use of artificial intelligence and IoT technologies. Initiatives like an Open Innovation are a vehicle of added value for the entire Italian tobacco supply chain: technology and innovation are essential levers to achieve ‘A Better Tomorrow’, a better, fairer and more sustainable future.

XFarm, Pycno&Agroop and iFarming are the three finalists on the shortlist and whose distinctive element is digital transformation, which aims to improve the efficiency of cultivation processes and the quality of work, through highly innovative platforms and tools. The three start-ups will now enter the Proof of Concept stage, which involves the development of a pilot project intended for integration within the Bat tobacco supply chain during 2023.


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