The resiliency and sustainability of vegetable oils supply chainsEMBASSY OF MALAYSIA, OCTOBER 18TH, 5:00 pm CEST

The resiliency and sustainability of vegetable oils supply chains 

OCTOBER 18TH, 5:00 pm CEST


Modern supply chains collect and deliver products worldwide and link vendors and consumers over thousands of miles. In the food industry, the quality of products is affected by manufacturing/processing and logistics activities, such as transportation and packaging. Nowadays, relevant issues such as the global drought linked to rapid climate changes and geopolitical tensions have caused multifaceted disruption to food production and supply chain.

Nevertheless, countries producing vegetable oils have been able to ship a conspicuous quantity of oils worldwide particularly, but not only, in developing countries. Indeed, the major producing countries in the sector are succeeding in designing resilient and sustainable supply chains to further overcome volatile demand in the global market and guarantee food security. Europe has benefitted so far from the resiliency of the vegetable oils supply chains and new EU regulations issued to tackle deforestation and improve labour rights represent a further challenge that the producing countries are willing to undertake to ensure the growing demand for vegetable oils.

Since the vegetable oils will be important markets to watch within the framework of an already unpredictable environment for agricultural commodities, a panel discussion on The Resiliency and Sustainability of Vegetable Oils Supply Chains was organised by the Embassy of Malaysia on 18 October 2022 at 5.00pm. It highlighted the importance of edible vegetable oils in a time of turbulence.

  • H.E. Dato’ Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino, Ambassador of Malaysia to the Republic of Italy 
  • Mr. Pietro Paganini, President, 
  • Mr. Paolo Vergano, Malaysian Palm Oil Council 
  • Mr. Josè Santiago Molina, President, Grepalma 
  • Dr. Edmundo Barrios, Agricultural Officer of Plant Production and Protection Division, FAO 


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