EU palm oil imports: jan-jun 2022 vs 2021COMMODITIES MONITOR

A new report on palm oil is out!

In case you missed the first two analyses of palm oil imports in Europe and Italy, click here.

Recent events, including global drought and climate change, the conflict in Ukraine, and the export ban in Indonesia (the leading producer worldwide) led to vegetable oils shortages, putting food security under strain. Palm oil has proven to be resilient and sustainable and kept flowing to Europe.

The September report analyses palm oil imports dynamics in Europe and Italy amid the conflict in Ukraine and May’s ban of Indonesian palm oil exports. It compares the first six months of 2022 vs 2021. The objective is to examine whether the shortage of sunflower oil produced in Russia and Ukraine and the export ban in Indonesia had an impact on the consumption of palm oil in the EU.

  • In the first six months of 2022, Indonesia and Malaysia again ranked in the top two positions of exporters to the EU.
  • In the EU, imports of Malaysian and Colombian edible palm oil increased from January to June 2022; in Indonesia, the trend was broadly stable, while Guatemala’s exports decreased, following a record peak in late 2021 and early 2022.


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