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Brussels, June 3, 2024 – 14 Italian candidates for the European elections – from 6 different parties and all the voting constituencies – have signed’s Strategic Policy Guide on the future of European Agrifood for the 2024-2029 period.


A proposal of commitment for Europe: this is the objective of the Strategic Policy Guide for 2024-2029 for European Agrifood by, which has received approval from 14 Italian candidates for the upcoming European elections, including 5 current MEPs from this last legislature.


Below you can find the list of candidates who have signed the document:

    1. Alessandro Cecchi Paone (Stati Uniti d’Europa, North-West Italy Constituency)
    2. Gianluca Carlo Misuraca (Stati Uniti d’Europa, Central Italy Constituency)
    3. Giorgio Pasetto (Stati Uniti d’Europa, North-East Italy Constituency)
    4. Caterina Avanza (Azione, North-West Italy Constituency)
    5. Paola Fanfrillo Manganiello (Azione, South Constituency)
    6. Antonella Argenti (Fratelli d’Italia, North-East Italy Constituency)
    7. Carlo Fidanza (Fratelli d’Italia, North-West Italy Constituency)
    8. Giovanna Giolitti (Fratelli d’Italia, North-West Italy Constituency)
    9. Salvatore De Meo (Forza Italia, Central Italy Constituency)
    10. Giampiero Avruscio (Forza Italia, North-East Italy Constituency)
    11. Fulvio Martusciello (Forza Italia, South Constituency)
    12. Herbert Dorfmann (Südtiroler Volkspartei, North-East Italy Constituency)
    13. Angela Quaquero (Partito Democratico, Islands Constituency)
    14. Alessandra Moretti (Partito Democratico, North-East Italy Constituency)

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What does the document contain?

The Strategic Policy Guide for 2024-2029 for European Agrifood aims to restore the agrifood sector to a prominent position on the EU political agenda. In recent years, the sector has been marginalized and unfairly blamed for climate and health crises. The document is addressed to the future representatives of the European Parliament, urging them to support the strategic role of the agrifood supply chain in the ecological transition, considering socio-economic variables, productivity, competitiveness, and technological leadership. The guide is structured into three sections: agriculture, businesses, and health.


  • Centrality of agrifood: promote production, resilience, and efficiency of European agrifood supply chains.
  • Food self-sufficiency: encourage productivity and competitiveness, reduce food waste, and invest in infrastructure and digitization.
  • Animal welfare and innovation: balance animal welfare, sustainability, and competitiveness, support regenerative agriculture and new business models.


  • Balance in sustainability: integrate economic, social, and environmental needs without bias towards foods.
  • Enhancement of production: consolidate and streamline the agrifood sector, stimulate investments, and reduce bureaucracy.
  • Energy sustainability: promote the efficient reuse of waste heat and reduce energy waste.


  • Food education: promote a balanced diet and the Mediterranean diet, addressing obesity with effective policies.
  • Scientific information: invest in education for informed food choices and improve public health. –

The document calls for deep reflection and concrete commitment to enhance agrifood within the European context, fostering a sustainable and inclusive ecological transition.

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