Obesity: the invisible pandemicEUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, 17 APRIL, 1:00PM

Obesity: the invisible pandemic

April 17th, 2024, 1:00pm, European Parliament (Room A5E1)

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On Wednesday, April 17th, we are organising the groundbreaking roundtable event “Obesity: the invisible pandemic” at the European Parliament (Room A5E1), in Brussels.

Obesity represents a silent pandemic that is relentlessly advancing globally, hitting Western countries with particular intensity, but not exclusively. The consequences of this crisis manifest as a heavy toll in human, social, and economic terms. The current obesity growth trend signals a potentially alarming scenario: for the first time in human history, by 2030 we could witness a reduction in life expectancy in Western countries.

The strategies adopted by individual states so far appear fragmented. Unfortunately, they are not as effective as hoped, sometimes leading to unintended and counterproductive side effects in terms of individual freedoms and economic costs.

The roundtable aims to outline a clear and updated picture of the current state of obesity, emphasising its complex nature, which goes far beyond the simple matter of what we eat. A holistic approach that takes into account lifestyle and the socio-economic conditions of individuals is strongly needed. Our goal is to promote the rediscovery and valorization of a balanced diet, not just as a dietary practice but as a fundamental pillar for a healthy lifestyle, essential for the future of Europe.


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