Full Video Available: Deforestation Facts and Myths?WATCH AGAIN THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EVENT HELD ON APRIL 28

An Inconvenient Truth: Deforestation Facts and Myths 
Have you missed the online seminar of the Sustainable Nutrition platform, An Inconvenient Truth: Deforestation Facts and Myths or do you want to watch it again?
Here you can watch the full event with all speakers Hugo Maria Schally (European Commission), Felipe Carazo (Tropical Forest Alliance), Gaia Taffoni (Science for Democracy), Daniel Arancibia (Proforest), and Gert van der Bijl (Solidaridad). 

You can watch the full webinar here

Visit the full page of the online seminar here >>> 
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Here you can watch the smart clips. 1 min for each of the outstanding participants.


Hugo Maria Schally – European Commission


Felipe Carazo – Tropical Forest Alliance 


Daniel Arancibia – Proforest 


 Gaia Taffoni – Science for Democracy


 Gert van der Bijl – Solidaridad


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